Traffic Management Plans.

Nova Traffic Management has a team committed to Traffic Management Plan Design (TMP).

Our TMP Team are highly experienced in drawing TMPs. These can be for a simple one-day, single-lane closure, or they could be as complicated as a multi-phase project, which requires road closures and detours.

Nova TMPs ensure safety and efficiency for you, your job site and the general public.

Traffic management plans

Traffic Management Planning Services Include:

  • Pre-work audits:
    Evaluating risk before the job commences. We gain an understanding of your methodology and requirements in order for your worksite or event to run smoothly.

  • Traffic management plans:
    Plans developed for temporary traffic control in accordance with relevant council or Transit New Zealand codes.

  • Traffic planning software:
    Expert traffic planning that utilises the latest traffic planning software from Invarion. We use both AutoCAD and Rapid Plan software to design TMPs. With the aid of satellite images we can design plans that minimise hazards on‑site.

  • Submission of traffic management plans:
    Submitted to various road authorities and councils for permit approval.

  • Assessment and Approval:
    Obtaining relevant assessment/approval to perform traffic management work.

Council and Transit New Zealand Requirements.

Traffic Management Planning is required by any business planning to operate on or near roads or pedestrian access ways.

Councils and Transit New Zealand require professionally prepared TMPs.

These plans are normally required before the council or Transit New Zealand issue the assessments and permits necessary to work on the road.

Nova designers have attended the NZTA Advanced Traffic Management Planners Workshop to meet the requirements of all Road Controlling Authority (RCA).

Choose Nova for your planning, and utilise an equipped team who has been in the business a long time.  

Our Designers.

Our designers are Level 2/3 practising STMS who have experience installing Temporary Traffic Management Plans and understand both the theoretical and practical elements of a TMP.

Our designers will consult with the delivery STMS and their teams to ensure we deliver correctly and efficiently.

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